LifeSystem Suite

eBaoTech LifeSystem Suite is eBaoTech’s complete software solution for life insurance carriers. It supports the following life insurance products:
  • Traditional Life: term, endowment, whole life, mortgage life, waiver of premium, and fixed annuity
  • Investment Life: investment-linked, universal life, variable universal life, and variable annuity
  • Accident and Health: accident, critical illness / dread disease, hospitalization, long term care, and major medical
System Overview

LifeSystem Function Diagram-EN LifeSystem Function Diagram-EN

eBaoTech GeneralSystem Overview

Benefits at a Glance

Setting up your life insurance business on eBaoTech’s LifeSystem Suite brings a number of important advantages such as:

  • All-in-one system with the component-based architecture to support the complete business operation.
  • Faster time-to-market thanks to advanced configuration and integration capabilities.
  • Improved customer service with straight-through claims processing.
  • Lower operating costs as a result of easier software implementation, enhancement and maintenance.
  • Global operations supported by multiple languages and currencies.
User Interface at a Glance

The user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy for employees, agents and brokers to navigate, and can be customized with the insurer’s logo or other design elements.

Product Configuration

Formula Engine


eBaoTech LifeSystem Suite consists of the following functional components: Policy Administration, Claims, Product Factory, Underwriting, Channel Management, Finance, and Reinsurance.

eBaoTech LifeSystem Suite consists of the following functional components: Policy Administration, Claims, Product Configurator, Underwriting, Channel Management, Finance, Reinsurance.

Policy Administration

eBaoTech® Policy Administration module for life insurance is a comprehensive platform that serves as the back-end policy data storage center.


eBaoTech® Claims module for life insurance is a platform that handles all claims processing.

Product Factory

eBaoTech® Product Factory for life insurance accelerates the launch of new life insurance products through easy-to-use screens and tools.


eBaoTech® Underwriting for life insurance helps insurers’ underwriters evaluate risk exposure, calculate premiums and issue policies.

Channel Management

eBaoTech® Channel Management for life insurance supports most of the general features in life insurance sales: performance, compensation, assessment, producer, hierarchy, policy.


eBaoTech® Finance for life insurance is an insurance software solution for collection, payment and accounting and can be installed as a standalone system or as part of an end-to-end solution.


eBaoTech® Reinsurance for life insurance supports reinsurance outwards business.

All eBaoTech software products are based on N-tiered Java EE technology and Service-Oriented Architecture with modular components and rules-based automatic processing. Insurance products and process workflows can be configured through a graphical user interface, which is also configurable by the client using a visual editor.

eBaoTech Product Architecture Diagram

eBaoTech’s LifeSystem and its components are designed using the principles of Service Oriented Architecture to allow for easier integration with other applications.

eBaoTech product architecture eBaoTech product architecture

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eBaoTech GeneralSystem Suite

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Client Testimonial

The eBaoTech SaaS model enables us to execute our vision and strategy in uncertain economic conditions and a highly competitive insurance market. eBaoTech’s SaaS solution will bring WanaArtha Life to a higher level of customer service where we can offer faster and more convenient service to our customers. During the installation period, the solid cooperation between the eBaoTech team from Shanghai, Singapore and Indonesia with our dedicated team was the key of success.

Eddy Berutu, Chief Executive Officer of WanaArtha Life

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