Corporate Social Responsibility

At eBaoTech, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has always been an integral part of our corporate values. We are dedicated to serving the real needs of local communities, and believe that active community involvement benefits us all: our employees, our company and the communities in which we do business. And as a technology company, eBaoTech seeks to fully utilize our unique advantages, using technology to better put CSR into practice.

Technology + Philanthropy

  • Even as eBaoTech puts its commitment to public service into practice, we are constantly searching for new ways to combine technology and public interest causes. In 2015, for example, in response to the Chinese government’s “Internet + ” macro guidance strategy, eBaoTech used its newly released eBaoCloud platform to initiate an “Internet + Philanthropy” program in collaboration with social welfare organizations and insurance companies. On this platform, contributors can purchase “Accident Insurance for the Elderly” for childless senior citizens in need of assistance.

  • Once the beneficiaries’ (senior citizens’) information is verified, the “Internet + Philanthropy” platform ensures that all donations go to beneficiaries directly in the form of insurance policies; once a policy is issued, the donor will receive a confirmation and an insurance policy number immediately. In the meantime, the three other parties involved, social welfare organizations, technology provider (eBaoCloud), and insurance companies all archive the donation details. This approach avoids potential fraud that can occur in connection with public interest activities. The whole public service process is authentic and transparent, setting a good sample for social service practices.

  • The program is one of 33 pioneering “Internet +” cases which have benefited over 10 million people. These cases are included in a 2016 white paper entitled “China IT-Philanthropy Development”.

  • eBaoTech social responsibility

Social Practices

As a technology company based in Yangpu District, eBaoTech is not only committed to delivering the company’s humanistic care to society, but also adding innovative ideas. In May 2016, together with volunteers from Shanghai United Family Hospital, eBaoTech organized two health care events around the theme of “Protect Your Teeth” for medical and education professions in Yangpu District. The same year, eBaoTech sponsored a long-term public service program called “I Am Your Eyes” to help the visually impaired to listen to concerts. This program was organized by Yangpu District Youth League Committee and Shanghai Leyi (a social service organization), and aimed to help visually impaired people get out of their sometimes isolated social space. In July 2016, together with musicians from famous Chinese and overseas music academies and professionals from musical instrument associations, volunteers from eBaoTech organized a public benefit concert performed by about 100 elementary and middle-school students, providing a performance stage for teenagers who are passionate about music.

School-enterprise Cooperation

eBaoTech has put down deep roots in the insurance software industry since its founding in 2000, and has accumulated a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of trends in insurance operations and system development. Using these advantages, eBaoTech has launched school-enterprise collaboration programs with colleges and universities in and around Shanghai. By establishing long-term training projects and internship locations, this effort aims to help students expand their knowledge and deepen their understanding of the workplace culture, while providing them with internship and job opportunities.

  • eBaoTech insurance lab


  • eBaoTech started a cooperation program with Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) in 2008, and the program now provides training in insurance practices and systems to over 40 students each year. In 2010, eBaoTech started a cooperation program with East China Normal University (ECNU). So far, eBaoTech has provided training and internships to over 400 students from these two universities. In 2014, as a practical way to carry out the “Outstanding Engineers Cultivation Plan” issued by China’s Ministry of Education, eBaoTech signed a cooperation agreement with Jiangnan University (JUN) to provide training and internship opportunities to around 20 students per year. eBaoTech added a cooperation program with Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) in 2016 and provided training to 45 undergraduates and master’s candidates in the first year.

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