eBaoCloud® DigitalCoreTM


eBaoCloud DigitalCore is a next generation core system, providing strong digital capabilities to insurance carriers.

Developed based on microservices and cloud-native architecture, eBaoCloud DigitalCore has full core system functions and puts a strong focus on digital capabilities, especially ecosystem connectivity and fast product launch. eBaoCloud DigitalCore uses Rest API to power both internal staff modules as well as a default Open API platform so that it can enable fast changes and numerous variations while maintaining standardization of basic capabilities.

DigitalCore can be offered as a whole suite or by module, including:

Policy administration



Broker/Agent Portal

Digital Marketing

Open API platform for omni-channel integration


  • Cloud Native and Microservices Architecture

    Native cloud framework for distributed deployment

    Full stack microservices framework

    Automatic system monitoring and centralized log collection

    Certified by CNCF Kubernetes as truly containerized architecture

  • Open API Connectivity

    Rest API framework

    Centralized API management including API registration, API monitoring and API document

    Omni-channel distribution, from mobile devices, online portals to call center, etc.

  • Out-of-box Enablement Capabilities

    All internal staff functions for general insurance policy lifecycle: policy administration, claims, reinsurance, product configuration, etc., with high degree of automation

    Automated business processes such as customer self-service, automatic underwriting/ calculation, claim reporting/ settlement, etc.

    Broker/Agent portal

    Digital Marketing

  • Fast Product Launch

    Atomic level product factors

    Components based, layered design to enable quick product rollout

    Easy for business users to operate

  • Customized User Experience

    Internet level user experience

    Support PC and mobile

    Components development, low learning cost

  • Fully Support DevOps

    100% automated testing

    Support higher deployment frequency

  • API monitor dashboard

  • Open API platform

Customer Success

DigitalCore has been adopted by multiple insurers in China, Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia. It supports all typical general insurance product lines from consumer line, commercial line to micro-insurance line and all typical life insurance products from term, universal, annuity to investment-link.

  • "The new PA system laid a solid foundation to support our digital transformation. Besides the future proof solution on microservices and native-cloud architecture, we are also pleased by the professionalism, dedication and passion demonstrated by eBaoTech's implementation team. With the new system in place, I am confident that we now have cutting edge IT capabilities to better serve our clients in digital age."

    Haitham Albakree
    CEO, Wataniya
  • China Continent Insurance Company (CCIC), the number 5 general insurer in China with USD 6.2B premium in 2018 adopted eBaoCloud DigitalCore to support its entire business nationwide in China. This is globally the first and the only large scale general insurance company with all mainstream insurance products running entirely on a commercially available microservices core platform.

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