eBaoCloud® MobileAdvisor in China


MobileAdvisor is a fully functioning mobile APP for both tied agents of insurers and independent agents/brokers, covering all functions of sales and fulfillment, such as premium calculation, benefit illustration, proposal form, signature, online submission, and typical integration, such as payment gateway, policy administration system. APIs from other partners are also available for more specialized functions as part of the ecosystem platform.


Furthermore, MobileAdvisor fully supports the engagements via social media, such as Facebook/Twitter for product posting and leads generation, and LINE/WhatsApp for form sharing and e-signature to complete sales cycle online.


Value Propositions

  • Enable end-to-end online sales and fulfilment processes
  • Leverage social media for leads generation and achieve sales closure within hours
  • Provide a rich and comprehensive insurance product library to launch products in days
  • Provide the technology capability to launch innovative insurance business


Use Cases

  • Currently more than 1,000 insurance products from over 70 insurance carriers are being sold via eBaoCloud MobileAdvisor. The products include all mainstream life, general, health and accident insurance products.



Mobile Sales of a Financial Advisor

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