A Bluffers Guide to API’s and what they really mean for Insurance and your business

11:00 am - 12:00 pm, July 15 (GMT)

Online Zoom conferencing

An Insurance insider view of the real value of API’s in a digestible format, mainly business focussed but with a tech flavour where relevant. Includes, real world examples and some ideas for viewers to create their own ideas. CPD learning objectives Traditionally, presentations follow a formula of analysis like [ [Who + What + Where] = How] = Why. This is a practical presentation so we will be starting with the Why. We will start with WHY it’s useful to you to have a basic understanding of API’s Then we look at HOW they work in non-technical way Then look at WHO/WHAT/WHEN aspects of what they can do for you and give you the basic tools for creating or, accelerating your own business possibilities.

Panel and Speakers: Tomek Bugajski, Peter Roberts, Martin Betts,  Richard Clarkson and David Ovenden

Learning Objectives:
By the end of the session, delegates will:
(1) Have a basic understanding of what API's are and why they are useful to their business.
(2) Recognise how API's work.
(3) Be confident in how API's can assist their business functions.

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