A ACE Life México lança o eBaoTech® LifeSystem Suite

August 16, 2011

Multinational Insurer Utilizes eBaoTech Software Solution to Launch New Business in Months

eBaoTech announced today that ACE Life Mexico successfully launched eBaoTech® LifeSystem Suite to support their new individual life insurance business in Mexico. Their product line includes endowment, term, accident and whole life.

The high flexibility and advanced capabilities of eBaoTech LifeSystem Suite enabled ACE Life Mexico to launch their business in a very short timeframe. The system implementation was done in only 3 months with a small delivery team from eBaoTech. In 2009, ACE Life Mexico launched their group life insurance business in Mexico using eBaoTech® GroupLife Suite.

“Together with 3 production sites in Brazil, we now have 5 live installations in Latin America region. This is great progress in a short 2 to 3 years’ time.” Woody Mo, CEO of eBaoTech commented, “We are pleased with our rapid growth in Latin America, and look forward to providing the same excellent software delivery and superior service to new and existing clients in Latin America.”

This successful implementation is further proof of the confidence that US-based ACE Group has placed in eBaoTech for their software solutions. ACE Group awarded eBaoTech with its first contract in 2005 for their entry into the China insurance market. eBaoTech software is the foundation for ACE Group’s insurance business in ten countries across Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. This global platform implementation is a model for multinational insurers wishing to standardize their operations and software infrastructure.

About ACE Group
The ACE Group is a global leader in insurance and reinsurance serving a diverse group of clients. Headed by ACE Limited, the ACE Group conducts its business on a worldwide basis with a physical presence in 53 countries. Visit www.acegroup.com.

About eBaoTech
eBaoTech delivers standards-based, highly configurable insurance software suites to both property and casualty (P&C) and life insurers. Its future-proof product offerings enable insurers to realize cost-effective, scalable, flexible and highly automated insurance operations in an ever-changing environment. With offices in ten countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas, and installations in more than 20 countries, eBaoTech has extensive global presence to serve leading insurance companies. For more information, visit ebaotech.com.

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