China Continent Insurance Company Opens Business on eBaoCloud as one of the First Merchants

September 28, 2015

eBaoTech, the leading global software provider for the life and property & casualty insurance industries, has announced that China Continent Property & Casualty Insurance Company (CCIC) has launched e-Continent, a domestic travel accident product on eBaoCloudTM, to provide policy holders with insurance coverage for their travels. The product was first launched for the past China’s National Day holidays and Mid-autumn Festival holiday. CCIC is one of the top P&C insurers in China with gross written premium of USD 3,548 million in 2014.

e-Continent is a travel accident insurance product designed for consumers in the Internet Age. When they are protected by e-Continent, consumers can better enjoy the scenery and leisure activities on their vacations. This product is currently sold on CCIC’s Wechat Official Account and will be rolled out to other online sales channels. The purchase process of e-Continent is designed with the typical internet shopper in mind, and customers can complete their purchases with only a few clicks and with minimum information input. The rapid deployment and launch of e-Continent is indicative of the advantages of managing digital insurance products on a cloud platform over the traditional operation model, in terms of time-to-market, user experience, and marketing innovation.

Weiliang Le, CTO and GM of Internet Insurance division of eBaoTech, commented on the new product launch, saying that “The rapid deployment and launch of CCIC’s e-Continent proved that eBaoCloud allows insurers to quickly release new products to meet quick market changes and to continuously make strategic adjustments based on market response with very low cost of experimentation. With eBaoCloud, insurance can innovate like internet companies.”

eBaoCloud is built on Alibaba’s cloud platform and is the world’s first internet insurance cloud platform. This platform makes a full suite of standardized software and services readily accessible to insurers without having to build or deploy relevant systems by themselves, by fully utilizing Alibaba Financial Cloud and Ant Financial’s advanced technology and services. Furthermore, insurers can better leverage Alibaba’s ecosystem for more traffic, more channels, big data and other services.

China Continent Insurance Company is one of the first “tenants” on eBaoCloud. After its domestic accident product, CCIC will launch many other internet insurance products on eBaoCloud, providing more comprehensive protection for consumers covering various aspects of their everyday life. Thanks to the highly efficient cloud platform, these digital insurance products will all have very high performance-price ratio.

About eBaoTech
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