Collaborus Cloud Version 4.4 is Available for General Release

July 12, 2016

A Full Lifecycle Insurance Distribution and Policy Processing Platform Available via Cloud

SYDNEY and SHANGHAI, July 12, 2016 — eBaoTech, the leading global digital insurance solution provider for the life and the property & casualty (general) insurance industries, today announced the general release of Collaborus® Cloud V4.4. Since its release in October 2015, Collaborus Cloud continues to introduce new features and improvements, in addition to further optimizing platform performance on the cloud.

“From new features such as instalment billing and real time marketing plan management, to our new intermediary dashboard, we believe there are improvements for product designers that will further simplify the insurance product design and maintenance process,” said Ken Slevin, GM of Collaborus Business Unit and Corporate VP, eBaoTech.

eBaoTech® Collaborus® Cloud is a full lifecycle insurance distribution and policy processing platform available via cloud. It is a global digital insurance platform, providing multi-lingual (real time language switch) and multi-currency capability that also allows country level product configuration.

Collaborus Cloud Version 4.4 features include:

Intermediary Dashboard: Collaborus Cloud now supports a dynamic, content-rich dashboard for intermediaries. The dashboard provides a quick view of transactions, including statuses such as assigned, returned referrals, renewal invitations waiting to be actioned and referrals awaiting action. An advanced search capability is also provided, with transaction results grouped for each policy record.

Instalment Billing: Collaborus now allows configuration of Instalment Billing through its Product Studio. Features such as Payment Frequency, Days to Bill, Maximum number of Instalments per frequency and Minimum Instalment Amounts can be easily configured. The instalment schedule is generated for every policy transaction and can easily be used for policy schedule printing or data extraction to downstream insurance systems

Marketing Plan: Collaborus Cloud provides a “Marketing Plan” feature, providing flexibility through product variances (insurance facilities, schemes or program management). These variances range from minor label changes and additional questions to more complex variances such as a special rates table or seasonal discount factors.

Renewal Premium Finalization: Renewal Premium Finalization allows a product designer to configure settings including capping and flooring rates, rules for premium loadings or discounts & adjustments. A product designer can now quickly design and validate a renewal premium strategy in real time during the design process.

Insurance carriers such as AIG in nearly 10 countries and US-based AmFed are leveraging eBaoTech Collaborus to quickly roll new products and businesses and optimize their operation processes. Collaborus enables insurers to

• Digitize their insurance products
• Fully externalize products for new business, endorsements, renewals and cancellations
• Significantly streamline operations by eliminating internal processes and allowing real time access to policy information and documents for agents, brokers and end customers

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About eBaoTech
eBaoTech’s mission is to “make insurance easy”. With more than 150 installations in more than 30 countries, eBaoTech is one of the global leaders in insurance technology. From its inception in 2000, eBaoTech has been an innovation leader at the intersection of insurance and internet. eBaoTech offers world leading insurance software solutions for both life and general insurances. eBaoTech’s hallmark is “Rapid Customer Success” (RCS), with a strong focus on delivering business value to its customers fast. Digital insurance is the central theme in the coming years and eBaoTech is well positioned to be a global leading partner for insurance industry to move to the digital age. For more information, please visit

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