Dah Sing Life Selects eBaoTech Data Warehouse Solution to Support its Decision Making for Daily Operation

April 21, 2015

Hong Kong and Shanghai, April 21, 2015 — eBaoTech, the leading global software provider for the life and the property & casualty insurance industries announced today that Hong Kong based Dah Sing Life Assurance Company Limited (“Dah Sing Life”) has selected eBaoTech® Data Warehouse solution to support its middle and senior management to make decision for daily operations.

Managers at different levels have different concerns for the data to make decisions. Top management concerns whether the revenues and expenditures meet projected numbers. Middle managers’ concerns vary based on their roles. Managers in market and channel role need information about whether premium revenues meet set objectives; managers in operation role care about whether they are providing the right services to existing policy holders and policies such that the insurance company can maintain a high customer loyalty to ensure the long term revenues. Even though insurance companies already have plenty of customer and policy data, with these massive data, they are facing with the following issues:

  • Data sources are dispersed and various; so data are not consistent
  • Data quality is not high; difficult to extract data in a timely fashion
  • Statistical criteria are different; hard to compare between different reports
  • Not able to support overwhelming data and graphical analytical methods; hard to get data for decision making

eBaoTech Data Warehouse simplifies the process of database operations and lower the cost and difficulty of developing dashboards. It is one of the best sources of high quality data and data integration. eBaoTech Data Warehouse includes analytics models for sales, policy management, claims, premium, finance, administration and more others; it is able to provide various data sources and generate analytical reports from multiple angles, providing insurers with the following benefits:

  • Provide information for decision making
  • Identify market opportunities
  • Solve management issues
  • Optimize operation process

Stephen Chow, Head of Insurance IT, Dah Sing Life Assurance Company Limited commented, “It is difficult for our management to get reliable information and make decision due to the lack of consistent and instant data and the statistical criteria of data sources are not identical. Deploying eBaoTech Data Warehouse will help our management team significantly increase the accuracy and pertinence of strategy and decision making. In 2011, Dah Sing Life Assurance Company Limited chose eBaoTech® LifeSystem Suite to replace its old policy administration system. Selecting eBaoTech® Data Warehouse solution will further enhance our cooperation. ”

Simon Yang, Vice President of North Asia Sales and Marketing at eBaoTech added, “We are pleased to be selected by Dah Sing Life as their software partner again for this Data Warehouse project. Our products will enable insurance companies to realize cost effective, scalable, flexible and high automation for insurance operations in changing business environment. We look forward to seeing Dah Sing Life’s continuous success in the Hong Kong market by using eBaoTech’s software.”

About Dah Sing Life 
Dah Sing Life Assurance Company Limited (“Dah Sing Life”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dah Sing Financial Holdings Limited (DSFH). Dah Sing Life was established in May 1990, with its headquarters situated in Hong Kong. Dah Sing Life and its forerunner’s operations can be dated back more than 30 years. The company’s main businesses include endowment, investment-linked life protection, lifestyle protection, savings and retirement protection, education protection, term protection and other additional protections, such as medical, critical illness, accident and waiver of premium riders. The wide range of services on offer caters for clients’ different needs. With continuous efforts and sincere attitude to the pursuit of quality products and superior service, Dah Sing Life has won customers’ trust and has established its leading position in the life insurance market in Hong Kong. The company has also received various international recognitions. Dah Sing Life received the ISO9002 certificate for the first time in 1998. The company was the first life assurance company in Hong Kong to receive the ISO9001 certificate in 1999. Dah Sing Life has then received the ISO 9001:2000 certificate again in 2002 and remained the holder of the certificate until the company was awarded the ISO 9001:2008 again in 2009.

About eBaoTech
eBaoTech is an award-winning, global leader in core insurance software by delivering significant business value to our customers worldwide from both life and property and casualty (or general) carriers. eBaoTech’s mission is to “make insurance easy”, by making insurance faster, better and cost-effective for all parties in the eco-system. With more than 150 installations in more than 30 countries, eBaoTech leads the industry in global deployments. Our “Rapid Customer Success” approach enables customers to accelerate time-to-market from years to months and empower business transformation through rapid replacement of legacy systems. http://www.ebaotech.com/.

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