eBaoTech® GeneralSystem Suite

eBaoTech GeneralSystem Suite consists of the following functional components: Product Factory, Policy Administration, Claims, Party Management, Finance, Reinsurance, Analytics

  • Product Factory

    eBaoTech Product Factory provides flexible product definition capability, enabling rapid product release and business expansion.
    • GeneralSystem supports flexible product structure including the definitions of product model, field and the interrelation
    • Besides pre-defined product models on policy, risks, category, etc. eBaoTech’s core system also provides dynamic expansion
    • With Product Factory, product launch can be shortened to a few days from a few months
    • After related trainings, system user can directly participate in product development including rating configuration, rule configuration, etc. 


  • Policy Administration

    eBaoTech® Policy Administration module for general insurance is a comprehensive platform that manages the policy lifecycle after a quote is bound. It includes new business fulfillment, customer services and endorsements, and renewals.

    Policy Administration system includes the following functions: 

    • Centralized operation model to reduce overhead and improve productivity
    • Rules-based process that reduces manual work and increases customer retention
    • Seamless integration with underwriting and reinsurance components to avoid operational risk
    • Workflows are highly flexible and automated with the use of Rule Management system and Workflow Management system
    • Built-in customer service and endorsement options address most customer requests in the policy life cycle. Non-sequential endorsement simplifies complex case operations, reducing requests for specialists and lowering costs
    • Automated underwriting which helps the underwriters evaluate risk exposure, and drive for maximum underwriting profit.
  • Claims

    eBaoTech® Claims module provides comprehensive claim processes for all kinds of products with powerful functions, including claim first notice of loss, appraisal, reserve, field investigation, special investigation, calculation, settlement, and recovery.

    Its flexibility allows the system to define processes for various claim cases. For cases with minor damage/loss, the Claim system allows the policy holder to complete a claim in a very short time thus improving customer satisfaction.


    The Claims system is an online collaboration tool for Property & Casualty claims, built using web and imaging technologies to enable all parties involved in the claims process to work together anytime, anywhere, with any device (PC, mobile).

  • Party Management

    eBaoTech® Party Management for general insurance supports the management of all sales channels, including individual sales channel, company sales channel, staff sales and point of sales.

    It provides several functions to manage sales channels, including:

    • Sales channel and agreement set up and maintenance
    • Commission calculation and settlement
    • Sales performance tracking
    • Campaign and bonus management
  • Finance

    eBaoTech® Finance (Bill, Collection & Payment) for general insurance manages real-time generated financial records, handles all counter settlements, and supports flexible bank transfer and general ledger (GL) posting processes.
    • Seamlessly integrated with all business modules, it collects financial data from new business, endorsement, claims, recovery, reinsurance and reprinting modules. Accounts receivable or accounts payable will be generated and posted to the GL according to accounting rules configured in system.
    • Support most counter settlements, including over-the-counter premium collection and disbursements, accounts receivable and payable records for premium, reinsurance, co-insurance, claims, commission and agent consolidation billing. Offset and account transfer sub-modules allow user to deal with special requests from client.
    • Standard bank transfer processing for automatic debit/credit card receipt and payment
  • Reinsurance

    eBaoTech® Reinsurance provides the functionality to manage both outward and inward reinsurance businesses, including treaty and facultative. It automatically checks the risk, not only by policy, but also by risk unit.

    It calculates the retentions and cessions, and generates reinsurance arrangements according to the treaty. Facultative task will be triggered once the risk exceeds the limit. The Reinsurance module also provides a statement including premium and claim recovery, for the insurer to settle with the Reinsurance Company.

  • Data Warehouse and Analytics

    Data Warehouse and Analytics supports a complete big data ecosystem and integrates internal system data and external third party data. It also uses AI, data-mining and other methods to analyze the structured and unstructured data. So insurers can precisely position customers, discover potential target customers, implement remarketing strategies and upsell personalized products to customers.

    Big Data Analysis Platform provides general management of customer data, allowing insurers to provide better service to their customers and increase customer satisfaction. 

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