eBaoTech® LifeSystem Suite

eBaoTech LifeSystem Suite consists of the following functional components: Product Factory, Policy Administration, Claims, Party Management, Finance, Reinsurance and Analytics.

  • Product Factory

    eBaoTech Product Factory provides flexible product definition capability, enabling rapid product release and business expansion.
    • LifeSystem supports flexible product structure including the definitions of product model, field and the interrelation
    • Besides pre-defined product models on policy, risks, category, etc. eBaoTech’s core system also provides dynamic expansion
    • With Product Factory, product launch can be shortened to a few days from a few months
    • After related trainings, system user can directly participate in product development including rating configuration, rule configuration, etc.
  • Policy Administration

    eBaoTech® Policy Administration module for life insurance is a comprehensive platform that serves as the back-end policy data storage center. The Policy Administration system includes the following functions:
    • New Business Fulfillment
    • Renewal Cycle
    • Policy Change/Customer Service
    • Loan/Deposit
    • Dividend/Fund
    • Survival, Maturity & Annuity Installment

    Many underwriting rules and calculations are built-in, to reduce the amount of manual work in processing quotations and policy issuance. There are also embedded processes to enable manual overrides for special cases requiring further assessment.  The auto underwriting function lets the system automatically check those rules which are stable. Base on predefined rules in the Rules Management system and Workflow Engine, the system can separate different types of proposal.

  • Claims

    eBaoTech® Claims module for life insurance is a platform that handles all claims processing. Its service-oriented architecture allows easy integration into the most demanding IT environments. It can be deployed either as a pre-integrated part of eBaoTech’s LifeSystem Suite, or as a standalone module

    Key benefits of the Claims system are:

    • Customer-centric claim structure
    • Highly flexible and automated claim processes
    • Flexible claim formula setup

    Claims system supports major and minor claims for all mainstream products.

  • Party Management

    eBaoTech® Party Management for life insurance supports most of the general features in life insurance sales: performance, compensation, assessment, producer, hierarchy, policy.

    Key benefits of this component are:

    • Multiple sales channel support with flexible hierarchy
    • Flexible compensation calculation with customization capability
    • Rich functionalities
  • Finance

    eBaoTech® Finance for life insurance is an insurance software solution for collection, payment and accounting and can be installed as a standalone system or as part of an end-to-end solution.

    Functions supported in the Finance component are:

    • ARAP: Account receivable and account payable
    • Collection & Payment, including collection & payment, account transfer, offset, reverse
    • Interfaces, including general ledger posting, direct debit, direct credit, CPF and lockbox/e-Banking
    • Other Functions such as cash bank account management, fund price management and exchange rate management
  • Reinsurance

    eBaoTech® Reinsurance for life insurance supports reinsurance outwards business.

    Key benefits of this component are:

    • Collects data from new business, customer service, claims, etc. for reinsurance analysis
    • Calculate the cession automatically and generate facultative disposal case automatically
    • Centralize reinsurance operation in one component
    • Reduce time-consuming paper work and calculation processing time
    • Multi-currency support reinsurance calculation
  • Big Data Analysis Platform

    Big Data Analysis Platform supports a complete big data ecosystem and integrates internal system data and external third party data. It also uses AI, data-mining and other methods to analyze the structured and unstructured data. So insurers can precisely position customers, discover potential target customers, implement remarketing strategies and upsell personalized products to customers.

    Big Data Analysis Platform provides general management of customer data, allowing insurers to provide better service to their customers and increase customer satisfaction.

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